A.M.S. – Biomasa Ltd. works and cooperates with partners from the Croatian and many foreign countries with more than 300 people involved in the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution process. Timber products from the forest and from the suppliers are transported to the locations of company's production facilities in Virovitica,Turopolje, Darda, and to the locations of service sawmills in Slatina, Mikleuš and Šaptinovci.

Wood raw material is processed into biomass and fuel wood, or it is sent to service mills in order to produce cut and sawn timber. Goods are stored at company's warehouses in Turopolje, Virovitica Miholjac, Darda and other storage services in the Region.

Trained logistics successfully coordinate all movements of raw materials, semi-finished products, and in the short term carry out dispatches to customers in Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and other EU and world countries.

Strategic Partners are over 60 suppliers of raw material, over 40 domestic and foreign transport companies with more than 100 trucks, and many licensed companies for construction work in forestry.