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EU projekt: Uvođenje obnovljivih izvora energije u proizvodni pogon tvrtke A.M.S.–BIOMASA d.o.o.- Izdvojeni pogon Virovitica 2019
EU projekt: Informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije u drvnoj industriji


A.M.S.- BIOMASA Ltd.Trade and wood processing company  is established in year 2007, as a trading company owned by individuals based in Darda, Sv. Ivana Krstitelja 82, with the primary purpose of buying and selling wood to the Croatian and International market.

In the beginning of the year 2008, due to the fact that today's approach to energy is unsustainable, and since the largest contribution from all renewable energy sources in the near future is expected from biomass, the company began production of wood chips, which is short supply energy source in the Region.

Increasing development of using biomass in the EU as a renewable source of energy and positive legislative changes to the Energy of the Republic of Croatia have prompted market of space and small energy wood. Following the needs of the market, the company has decided to invest in building and equipping the manufacturing facility for the production of wood. The first production facility for wood biomass was opened in 2008. in Turopolje.

Due to the increased demand for wood biomass market of Hungary, Austria and Slovenia, the company expanded its production and increased capacity in manufacturing facilities in Darda and Virovitica, which resulted in increased export and the number of employees from the original 3 to 34 employees today. The share of exports in the overall operations of the company is 83%, which was confirmed by the award "Golden Key" as the best small exporter in year 2011.




The company works and cooperates with over 300 partners in the Region, who are also involved in the procurement of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution process. Strategic Partners are sawmills, domestic and foreign transport companies and companies licensed to perform work in forestry.

Over the years, in collaboration with partners, there were opened several dislocations of processing raw wood into biomass. The company currently owns several warehouses of finished products in the Region.

In the following period, the plan is to increase the production capacity of biomass as a key energy source in the production of heat and electricity, and also to increase the number of employees in manufacturing.